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Electric Adjustable Beds – ‘Hospital beds without the hospital look’


We stock an extensive range of highest quality and value for money electric adjustable beds, ensuring we can meet your individual needs. The ultimate in comfort, support and positioning to receive a restful nights sleep.

Our range of electric adjustable beds can include the following;


Adjustable head; the head section of the bed raises up, this can ease symptoms such as acid reflux, blood circulation, respiratory issues, metabolism, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, glaucoma, migraines, multiple sclerosis, varicose veins and more. It has been known to also help neurological and immune function. Raising the head can also aid with getting in and out of bed.

Adjustable foot; the foot section or ‘knee break’ raises up, which also has many benefits such as relieving pressure from the spine, relieves fluid retention, aching legs and poor circulation. By selecting the personalized position it can aid in reducing insomnia and help to prevent susceptible health conditions associated with insomnia.

Hi-lo function; the whole bed can be raised or lowered, with the lowest setting being 22cm from the floor and the highest setting being 66cm from the floor (measured from the floor to the top of the base, depending on the brand & model).

Trendelenberg tilt function; this function allows the bed to fully tilt on an angle upwards or downwards. Which is great for fluid or circulation issues.

Vascular support, which is a manual adjust mechanism which allows the feet to be lifted manually. Usually the adjustable foot or knee break section of the bed bends only at the knees, this function allows the foot end of the bed to be raised on an incline, which is beneficial for those with cardiovascular issues.

CPR release is an emergency back rest drop.

An extra feature on certain beds is the relaxing and therapeutic massage function which helps to relieve tight muscles and reduce pain.


The beds come in a range of sizes to suit every need; long single, king single, double, queen, queen split and king split. Weight ratings of up to 350kg are available.

Our range of Electric Adjustable Beds are reliable and have unbeatable warranties of up to 25 years, on some components!


The extensive mattress range consists of luxurious high density visco elastic mattresses (which is very similar to memory foam) in a range of different feels, soft, medium and firm. These mattresses are an open cell for breathability, heat sensitive pressure relieving and suitable for low to medium pressure care.

Accommodating for those in need of a higher-level care, who are at risk of pressure sores, we can source mattresses which offer high pressure care properties. A range of alternating air pressure mattresses are available to suit the individual.


The range of electric adjustable beds also have the option of a companion bed, which is great for partners who sleep together but only one of them needing the benefits of an electric bed. A companion bed is a static bed, which is identical to an adjustable bed, including the surround upholstery. This creates a pleasant look in the bedroom and allows the user to feel less isolated.

Two electric beds can be purchased and placed alongside one another, this allows sleeping next to each other, with the independent use of either side of the bed.


Various accessories are available such as high side rails, low side rails, over bed poles, bed sticks, over bed tables, head & foot boards and full-length bed rails. A larger range of accessories may also be available upon request.


A variety of pillows are available ranging from latex, microfibre, vicso elastic, gel, contoured, memory foam, traditional foam and a range of wedge cushions. We can also source other pillows if required.

‘hospital beds without the hospital look’



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