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40mm Bed/Chair Raiser

40mm Bed/Chair Raiser Price $7.50
$ 7.50

Bed Raiser Mats

Used for a non-slip barrier between your chair/bed legs and raisers to ensure complete stability.
$ 1.00

Bed Raiser 100mm

A durable plastic which raises the furniture 100mm
$ 12.50

Bed/Chair Raiser Adapter Biscuits 10mm

To be used inside the 40 and 100mm raisers for legs which would be too large.
$ 3.50

Adjustable Back Rest

Adjustable back rest, great for getting in that perfect position in bed.
$ 79.00

Bed Wedge

Bed wedge is excellent for propping yourself up in bed.
$ 99.50

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