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Can Opener One Touch

Just one touch cuts lid from can.
$ 39.50


Cankey is a great kitchen aid for those with arthritic hands, who have trouble with ring pull cans.
$ 9.50

Canpull Tin Opener

Aids with opening ring pull and soft drink ring pull cans. Great for those with arthritic hands, elderly or even...
$ 16.00

Evritwist Jar Opener

Great for those with arthritis, the elderly or even children. Simply place the jar in the appropriate sized groove,...
$ 12.00

Herb Scissors

Complete with 7 blades for quick and neat chopping.
$ 14.50

Jar Opener

Perfect for those with arthritic hands, the elderly or children. Simply adjust device to fit over the hard to open jar,...
$ 9.50

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