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Undo-It Jar & Bottle Opener

Excellent for undoing those difficult jars.
$ 19.50

Uccello Kettle

The Uccello kettle is fantastic for those who have strength issues as it only allows the user to fill the kettle to...
$ 85.00

Tube Master

Get every bit of toothpaste out of your tube with this Tube Master.
$ 6.50

Spin Off

Screw cap bottle opener, great for those with arthritic hands.
$ 6.50

Multi Opener 6 in 1

Multi Opener easily opens jars, bottles, cans and food packages.
$ 11.50

Jarkey Metal

Metal Jarkey is great for those with arthritic hands to help with those hard to budge jars.
$ 12.50

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