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Adjustable Back Rest

Adjustable back rest, great for getting in that perfect position in bed.
$ 79.00

Back Massager Cushion With Heat Portable

Portable back cushion with massage and heat. Comes with 240volt power adaptor and 12volt car adaptor. Soothing heat...
$ 49.50

Back Support Contour

Assists in alleviating lower back pain and helps to improve posture. Spine is allowed to follow its natural...
$ 50.00

Bed Wedge

Bed wedge is excellent for propping yourself up in bed.
$ 99.50

Coccyx Cushion

Unique cut out section suspends coccyx, helps alleviate tailbone pain. Memory foam relieves pressure and unique...
$ 44.00

Coccyx Tailbone Cushion

Provides pain relief for a bruised tailbone, coccyx pain or tail bone soreness. Specially formulated, premium...
$ 99.50

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