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Visco Cushion - Icare

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124289 - 5 cm Thickness

124290 - 10 cm Thickness

Visco Cushion - Icare

Suitable for wheelchair use. The Icare standard seat cushioning range offers a range of sizes in 5cm and 10cm thickness. With washable zip-off covers and an ActiveX core, these cushions are perfect for added comfort in wheelchairs, cars, and seating in the home. The standard Icare seat cushion range features ActiveX cores which respond to pressure in a different way. Instead of pushing back like standard foam cushions, the Icare cushions will mold around the shape of your body taking away points of pressure.

Ventilated Base Fabric
Vant fabric is a three-dimensional polypropylene material that has high air permeability and is anti-bacterial. Using this in the base greatly increases air movement.

Additional information

L x W x D

45 cm x 45 cm x 5 cm
45 cm x 45 cm x 10 cm

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