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The Aidacare FLX Bed has been designed specifically for the aged care

This FLX Bed is an electrically operated Floorline Bed offering functions
and positional movements that assist caregivers and maximise patient comfort
and safety. Ease of use, functionality, serviceability and cleaning practicality
are key features of the bed.

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  • Ultra Low Height: Market leading 100mm low height whilst maintaining full ground clearance
  • Attendant Control Panel: Allows caregivers functional control and the ability to lock out certain bed functions from being operated via the handset
  • Underbed Clearance: Full clearance under the bed minimises the risk of cord impingement and protects flooring from damage
  • Custom Height Function: Set the perfect height for the individual user. Caters to a large range of user heights
  • SmartDescent: Bed lowering speed is reduced once the bed reaches 300mm maximizing carer potential to remove obstacles as the bed lowers to the floor
  • Underbed Lighting: Creates a gentle halo around the bed to reduce falls risk and improve carer safety
  • Backrest Auto-Regression: Reduces shear forces on the spine and sacral regions. Minimizes abdominal compression when back is raised supporting cardio pulmonary and respiratory function
  • One Touch Chair Positioning: Improves socialinteraction, assists respiratory and cardio pulmonary function and creates a comfortable position for sitting, dining and transfers
  • Integrated Bed Extension: 100-200mm length extension is easily operated and ensures a large range of user heights will fit comfortably without compromise
  • Trendelenburg (and Reverse): Augments patient positoning, comfort and assists with bed mobility*.
  • Quick Swap Actuators: Allow for quick and easy inspection and maintenance, minimising downtime
  • TiMotion Electronics: Medical grade electronics from a leading global manufacturer
  • Control Box: Easily accessible beneath the back rest panel for efficient servicing
  • Quick Connect Bed Ends: Simple and quick to set-up upon bed installation. Easily removed for access or maintenance
  • Wall Buffer: Length adjustable to suit room configuration
  • Cable Conduit: Allows other cables like air mattress power cords to be safely tucked away, preventing trip hazards and cord damage
  • EasyMove Transport System: Facilitates safe no-lift transportation and movement of beds, as well as safe and easy access underneath the bed platform for routine inspection and maintenance
  • Width Extension Kit: Ability to increase a single to a king single, ideal for resident changes in a facility
  • High Performance Twin Castors x 8: Head end total locking (x2), foot end central locking (x4)

Warranty Information

  • 10 Years Frame
  • 3 Years Electrics
  • 1 Year Handset & Cables

Additional information

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P: (08) 8683 4788 · F: (08) 8312 3154
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