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BORG Lift Recline Chair

The Borg Riser lift recliner offers a option for those wanting a contemporary style, excellent quality chair. This smart chair combines the simplicity and the practicality, into the one smart looking chair.

Smooth and quiet operation

•  Supreme comfort snooze position

•  Stylish design to add to any decor

•  Soft and comfortable design

Product Features

  • The risers have a distinct lift, rest and recline action.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Supreme comfort snooze position.
  • Stylish design to add to any decor.
  • Simple to operate handsets across the range.
  • Soft and comfortable design.
  • Built in storage pocket.
  • Upholstered in luxurious leather with matching PVC.
  • Safety key built into the hand controller.
  • Battery back-up (Battery operated reset function).*
  • The risers are ideal for people with limited mobility, helping them rise to their feet effortlessly.
  • Features castors to aid movement.


With the choice of brown or black leather with matching PVC sides for added strength and 1 or 2 motors. This lift recliner has a built in storage pocket, includes castors, a backup battery function and a very simple to operate handset with a safety key built into it.

It will both lift you up out of your chair as well as a seated position and reclined position.

The different between the two motors is simple;

The 1 motor option has a 2 button handpiece which one button if you hold down, it will lay you back into a reclined position. As the head reclines back the feet will then pop out. As well as sit you back down from the lifting function. The other button will take you from reclined all the way until you are standing, in which you can release your finger off the button at any point to stop where you are satisfied. The 1 motor option also has a fantastic wall hugger function which allows you to have the chair only 2” away from the wall for the headrest to recline backwards.

The 2 motor option has 6 buttons, of which two of them operate the same way as the 1 motor function which will sit you all the way out of your chair to a fully reclined position. The other four buttons are for adjusting the exact placement of both your head and feet. This option allows the user to have a more personalised position as you can position the head and feet to whatever position you desire.

For a simple easiest to use option the 1 motor is fantastic – especially with those who suffer from dementia.

For a more personalised option the 2 motor is great as you can sit yourself in your exact desired position.

  • Upholstery With Matching PVC
  • Safety Key Built Into Hand Controller
  • Built In Storage Pocket
  • Safe Recline Distance Is 2”
  • Includes Castors
  • Battery Backup Function
  • Simple To Operate Handset
  • Available In Black And Brown Upholstery

Also Available in 2 Motors

Product Information Link:

Borg Rise Recliner – Dual Motor

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