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Boss 40 Bed Pad - Stay Dry

Product Code:

Single: 126106

King Single: 126104

Double: 126103

Queen: 126105

Boss 40 Bed Pad - Stay Dry

A top performing reusable bed pad with wings, has four functional layers; the top non-pill stay dry liner, two ultra-absorbent inner core layers, and industry superior waterproof, durable backing. The bed pad is quilted, not laminated and leads the industry for performance and washability.
Product Details:
Fabric - Non-pill surface and upper stay dry liner. Premium polyester viscous sanitized core soaker felt.
Membrane - Waterproof, sanitized, ultra-durable backing.
Stitch - Unique wave pattern stitch for rapid absorption.
Total Weight - 600 grams
Retention Level - 2500 mils
Washing Instructions - Washing machine cycle up to 90 degrees. Wash and dry. Do not use fabric softeners as this will inhibit absorption levels. Can be used in a clothes dryer.
Single: 90 x 100 cm
Double: 90 x 142 cm
King Single: 90 x 110 cm
Queen: 90 x 154 cm

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