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Compression Stocking Aid - EzyAs

Product Code: 125734 (Small - Orange)

Product Code: 125731 (Medium - Yellow)

Product Code: 125732 (Large - Blue)

Product Code: 125733 (EzyAs Applicator)

The EzyAs Stocking Aid is designed for aiding compression stockings or compression socks.

It reduces the difficulty and pain of when putting on upper and lower limb compression garments. Available in three sizes that are colour coded for easy identification. The EzyAs Stocking aid is  quick and easy to assist with application of most compression garments.

Also Available One size fits all size applicator. The EzyAs applicator handle is to be used with the EzyAs Stocking Aids. The handle allows compression garments to be applied without having to bend down and is great for people with limited mobility.

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