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Diffuser Bariatric Chair Cushion - Therapeutic Pillow Australia

Product Code: 127562

Diffuser Bariatric Chair Cushion - Therapeutic Pillow Australia

A heavy duty support cushion for low to medium pressure relief designed to make sitting more comfortable for larger adults over 110kg.


  • Extra thick 10cm foam cushion
  • 2.5cm of soft memory foam on each outer with 5cm dense traditional foam inner
  • Orthopedically designed to for larger adults over 110kg
  • Available in large or extra large size
  • Heavy density traditional foam prevents sagging of cushion over time
  • Robust support designed for larger bodies
  • Suitable for wheelchairs or conventional seating
  • 100% Australian made
  • World class design that meets Australian and International standards
  • NDS and DVA approval
  • Available in woven polyester - Suede Feel

Great for providing optimal comfort and stability in a range of settings:

  • Even weight distribution
  • Pressure diffusion
  • Sitting for long periods of time

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50cm x 45 cm x 10 cm

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