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Fibreglass Folding Wheelchair Ramp with Edge Barriers - Invacare

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Fibreglass Folding Wheelchair Ramp with Edge Barriers - Invacare

The Invacare Fibreglass Ramp is portable and convenient. A ramp is an inclined surface that allows wheeled devices, such, as wheelchairs, carts, scooters, strollers, motor bikes, push bikes, lawn mowers or power chairs to have easy access over kerbs, steps, thresholds, raised landings and buildings, vehicles, or to navigate otherwise inaccessible terrain. Invacare Ramps are lightweight, portable Fibreglass ramps with a smoothly-operating, multi-hinged case. Neat, rust-free finish. The strong strap handle makes it easier to carry, like a suitcase. A top transition plate allows for easy roll off the ramp. Rails on either side prevent the user from rolling off. Featuring a durable, non-skid driving platform.

Additional information

Overall Length

90 cm

Overall Height

22.5 cm

Overall Width

75 cm

Product Weight

6 kg

Weight Rated - SWL

300 kg

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