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GCE Zeno-Lite Portable Oxygen Concentrator

GCE Zeno-Lite Portable Oxygen Concentrator includes

Custom Carrying Case

1 x Battery 8cell

AC Power Supply

DC Power Supply

Padded Shoulder Strap

Padded Handle Strap


User Manual

3-5 Year Warranty

Extras Available -

Additional 8 cell Battery

External Battery Charger

More Information - 

Zen-O lite Portable Oxygen Concentrator offers everything patients need to be independent and continue their activities outside the home.

Oxygen users will benefit because Zen-Olite helps them to meet their desires to live their lives unrestricted by respiratory
disorder for as long as they are able.

The equipment’s lightness, portability and flowrate adjustment technology means they can get out of their homes and carry on with the
activities they love.

With Rate Responsive Therapy™ (RRT) Zen-O lite™ delivers oxygen on demand, which is triggered by the patient’s inhalation.
Whether a patient is climbing the stairs or taking a walk, Zen-O lite™ will automatically respond to the breath rate by adjusting the amount of oxygen needed to ensure the patient remains saturated.

Additional information

Product Weight

3 kg with battery

Overall Height

249 mm

Overall Width

235 mm

Overall Depth

97 mm

Pulse Delivery

Settings 1-5 up to 1000 ml per minute

Sound Level

37 dB(A) on setting 2

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