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Leg Relaxer Cushion - Therapeutic Pillow Australia

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Spare Cotton Cover

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Leg Relaxer Cushion - Therapeutic Pillow Australia

The Leg Relaxer is a contoured leg wedge support to alleviate tired, sore, aching legs. Designed for use in bed by gently elevating your legs, pressure on the lower back is eased and blood circulation to the legs is improved. The leg relaxer wedge cushion is adjustable and contoured for superb comfort.


  • Relieves discomfort of varicose veins
  • Relief for aching, cramping legs and feet
  • Relief for tired legs during pregnancy and convalescence
  • Aid circulation, assist vascular drainage and diminish the load on the heart
  • Elevates the legs from the hips, taking the pressure off your lower back
  • Designed to help maintain the pelvic tilt position to ease stress on the spine
  • Helps eliminate pressure and muscle tension in the lower back
  • Distributes weight evenly to help alleviate lower back strain and pressure on sciatic nerves

Designed in consultation with health professionals to assist with the following conditions:

  • Tired, aching legs
  • Varicose veins
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Swelling and Oedema
  • Poor circulation
  • Sciatica
  • Vascular drainage

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W 44.5 cm x L 71 cm x H 18 cm

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