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Lumbar Cushion with Gel Pack - Peak

Product Code: 126986

Lumbar Cushion with Gel Pack - Peak

The Peak Lumbar Cushion with Gel Pack Insert can be warmed or cooled to provide therapeutic relief while supporting the lumbar area. The cushion includes a large reusable gel pack which can be easily removed or inserted into a built in sleeve of the support cushion. A buckled strap is attached to the back of the cushion to attach to the back rest of a chair and minimise slipping. The cover is removable for washing and the cushion is made from a high density PU foam. For cold therapy, the gel insert can be frozen in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. For hot therapy, the gel pack is heated in the microwave according to the manufacturers recommended heating times.


  • Reusable Gel pack
  • Use it Hot or Cold
  • Relieves Lower Back Pain
  • Encourages Correct Sitting Posture
  • Easily Maintained
  • Removable Cover

Product Information Link: Peak Lumbar Cushion with Gel Pack

Additional information

Overall Length

23 cm

Overall Width

33 cm

Overall Height

13 cm

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