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Micro-Plush Waterproof Fitted Sheet - Conni

Product Code:

Single: 128142

King Single: 128143

Double: 128141

Queen: 128109

King: 133142

Micro-Plush Waterproof Fitted Sheet - Conni

Micro-Plush Waterproof Fitted Sheets are the ideal waterproof mattress protectors for protecting your mattress from all fluids while also keeping your bed hygienic and stain-free, increasing the life of your mattress. These comfy absorbent sheets are waterproof right down the sides for complete mattress protection. Elasticised for a secure fit and a 40cm depth wall to fit pillow-top mattresses. The Conni Micro-Plush Fitted Sheet is also very effective for excessive sweating because of its light absorbency.

Machine washable and tumble dryer safe, Conni products can be used countless times!


  • Ideal for protecting your mattress from all fluids
  • Keeps your mattress hygienic and stain free
  • Soft and luxurious, breathable and quiet

Product Information Link: Conni Micro-Plush Fitted Sheet

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