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N30 Nasal Mask - ResMed

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130984 - Starter Pack

Parts & Accessories sold separately, available in Store

N30 Nasal Mask - ResMed


  • Minimalist category
  • Nose coverage
  • Nasal cradle mask
  • Silicone cushion

ResMed AirFit N30 is the CPAP mask that discreetly fits into your lifestyle so you can easily adjust to therapy. Our lightest mask ever features a soft, under-the-nose nasal cradle cushion and slip-on headgear.

Mask Highlights:

  • QuickFit headgear is easy to pull on and quickly adjust if needed
  • Low-profile design gives you confidence to wear it around loved ones
  • QuietAir vent technology is designed to minimize noise
  • Incredibly soft, curved cushion comfortably cradles under your nose
  • Narrow profile design seals well and is perfect for side sleepers
  • Only three parts make it easy to take apart, clean and reassemble


Parts & Accessories sold separately, available in Store

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