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Neuro Safety Brake Rollator - TOPRO

Product Code:

135364 - Small

135350 - Medium

Neuro Safety Brake Rollator - TOPRO

When you need increased control with brakes that are automatically activated as standard, or help to move forwards due to a “freezing” episode with Parkinson’s disease, the TOPRO Troja Neuro is in a league of it’s own.

The specially designed and developed reversed braking system may prevent falling and ensures it is safe to sit down and stand up with the brakes always activated.


  • A rollator designed for people with Parkinson’s or other Neurological Conditions
  • Reverse braking system automatically locks movement unless braking levers compressed
  • Prevents falling as the braking system prevents rollator from rolling away
  • Promotes good posture by walking inside the frame, not behind it
  • Backrest included
  • Available in Small & Medium
  • Folds compact and can travel in cars, planes, trains & buses
  • 7-year warranty


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