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Queens Cutlery - Homecraft

Product Code:

Knife: 132446

Fork: 135892

Dessert Spoon: 124828

Teaspoon: 135891

Nelson Knife: 129604

Splayed Fork: 129151

Queens Cutlery - Homecraft

These stainless steel utensils, mounted in the Queens built-up handle, can be used for one-handed eating by combining cutlery functions. The handle is cylindrical to assist with gripping. The item is hygienically sealed, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Not suitable for industrial dishwasher temperatures.

Nelson Knife is a knife with a cutting edge, which ends as a curved pronged fork, to enable food to be picked up.

Splayed fork is a pronged fork with edges designed for cutting food and a deep rounded body, which functions like a spoon.

Additional information


Length of handle: 98 mm
Diameter of handle: 30 mm
Weight: 45 g

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