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Swivel Cushion Soft Bottom - Peak

Product Code: 127931

Swivel Cushion Soft Bottom - Peak

The Peak Swivel is a rotating transfer cushion consisting of two padded discs, each with a nylon material surface that comes in contact with each other.  This provides low friction and allows it to rotate.  The top disc features a cotton covered, padded cushion whilst the bottom disc has a slip-resistant base. The Peak Swivel Cushion is most commonly used for transfers in and out of a vehicle such as a car.  It may also be suitable for transferring from a bed or sitting chair.


  • Relieves Pressure
  • Ideal for Car or Chair
  • Excellent Mobility Aid
  • Light Weight
  • Easily Maintained

Product Information Link: Peak Swivel Soft Botton Cushion

Additional information


44 cm

Overall Height

3.5 cm

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