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Toilet Seat Raiser with Lid & Clips - Peak

Product Code:

127177 - 4"

126984 - 6"



Toilet Seat Raiser with Lid & Clips - Peak

Do you find that standard toilet seats are just too low? Then you need a toilet seat raiser.

Designed to assist those that have difficulty using a standard toilet, this Peak Care Toilet Seat Raiser comes with or without a lid. Also, choose how much of a raise you want - 4 inches or 6 inches.

Made from easy-to-clean polypropylene, retain your independence with the Peak Care Toilet Seat Raiser.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • For those who find standard toilets too low
  • Lift-up lid for privacy
  • Made from polypropylene.
  • Easy to clean


Product Link Information;

4" - Peak Toilet Seat Raiser with Lid & Clips

6" - Peak Toilet Seat Raiser with Lid & Clips

Additional information

Overall Length

400 mm

Overall Width

370 mm

Weight Rated - SWL

136 kg

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