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Toilet Seat Raiser Adjustable - Better Living

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Toilet Seat Raiser Adjustable - Better Living

This adjustable Toilet Seat Raiser with two lift-up armrests provides extra height to a standard toilet, making it easier for people with limited mobility or arthritis to sit down on, and then to get up from the toilet.

It is simple to install on almost any toilet, requiring no tools and no permanent modification to your toilet pan or bathroom. It simply installs over the existing hinge points of your current toilet seat.

Included on the product are two lift-up armrests. These armrests are a great addition, providing a secure hold for transfers while offering a comfortable resting spot for your arms while seated on the toilet. Each armrest can be lifted upwards, to get it out of the way of the seat. This is ideal for people who might be transferring to the seat from a wheelchair the armrest swings upwards to allow for easy sideways movement.

The clean and elegant design of the toilet seat raiser is great for almost any bathroom decor. It comes with a flip-up toilet seat to ensure the toilet bowl can be covered for hygiene or aesthetic purposes.


  • Enhanced Accessibility: Increases the height of a standard toilet, facilitating easier transfers for individuals with limited mobility.
  • Simple Installation: Easily installs over existing toilet seat hinging points, requiring basic assembly.
  • Adjustable Height: Tool-less height adjustment feature allows customisation to 50, 100, or 150 mm.
  • Universal Compatibility: Fits the majority of toilets, ensuring widespread accessibility and usability.
  • Splash Guard: Equipped with a built-in splash guard for added hygiene and convenience.
  • Lid and Armrests: Features a flip-up lid and soft lift-up armrests, providing sideways access and enhancing user comfort.

Additional information

Weight Rated - SWL

136 kg

Product Weight

3.8 kg

Overall Depth

480 mm

Overall Width

600 mm

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